Frequently asked questions

Do you accept credit cards? - Yes we accept credit cards. 

How far away are you from Höfn? - Road F985 is c.a 43 km from Höfn. 

How far away are you from the Glacier Lagoon - Road F985 is c.a 34 km from the Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón). 

How far away is Jöklasel from the main road? - Road F985 is 16 KM

Do I need to pay in advance? - No

How can I reach Jöklasel? - You can reach Jöklasel by driving road F985 - you will need 4WD car. 

Do you have a special price for children? - Yes, children under 12 years get a 50% discount. 

Do we need special clothes for your tours? - No, we have overalls, boots, helmets and gloves for the snowmobile tour.

Can children go on Skidoo snowmobile? -Yes, but only as passengers. 

Do I need a valid driver´s license to operate a snowmobile? - Yes, but passengers do not need driver´s license. 

Do we need 4WD car to join your tours? - No, we can pick you up from the parking lot on road F985 or from Vagnsstaðir Hostel.